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Dining Out? Choose These Healthier Options

Eating out can feel like such a luxury that you may be tempted to indulge in the best foods on the menu. And depending on where you’re eating, the indulgent foods choices you make could add up to a lot of calories. If you’re determined to choose healthier food options when you go out to eat, you may want to keep these tips in mind:

  • Eat a salad before the main meal and then eat only half of your entrée. You can save the leftovers for the next day’s lunch or dinner.
  • When ordering a salad, request that the dressing be served on the side.
  • Instead of fried or sautéed dishes, order an entrée that is broiled, grilled, or steamed.
  • Try to avoid all-you-can-eat buffets. No explanation necessary.
  • Split a meal with one of your dining companions.
  • If you’re not too, too hungry, order an appetizer for your main meal. Many appetizers today offer plenty of food to satisfy your hunger.
  • As soon as your entrée arrives ask for a to-go box. Pack half of your meal before you begin eating.
  • Try to avoid foods that come with gravy or creamy sauces.
  • Go sugarless when ordering drinks. Unsweetened tea or water are both healthier choices.

Some healthier eating out options include sushi (such as California Rolls and assorted sashimi), fajitas (be careful to not eat too may tortillas), seafood cooked Veracruz style (such as fish or shrimp Veracruz), tandoori chicken or fish, Buddha’s Delight (bean curd, bamboo shoots, carrots, ginger, herbs, mushrooms, snow peas, sprouts, and water chestnuts), or a feta and spinach omelet with onions. These all sound delicious, right? Good luck, and good eating!