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Midlife Crisis or Awakening?

Some people call it a midlife crisis while others call it an awakening. The term ‘midlife crisis’ was introduced by Elliott Jaques and focuses on the phase of life where there are critical periods of transition in people between the ages of 40 to 60. During this phase, there are events that happen in life that might trigger unstable emotional or mental health. Some of these life events may include a decline in physical abilities, deaths of loved ones, and the thought ‘my life is at midpoint and I still have unrealized goals.’ While the term ‘midlife crisis’ is well known, there is research that suggests ‘midlife crisis’ is not a real condition.

While each of the above-mentioned events are reminders of the fragility of life, they can also serve as a source of strength and inspiration when it comes to reassessing life and taking action to make life better, whether someone starts an exercise program to keep physical decline at bay or someone starts researching what he or she needs to do to make unrealized goals reality. Other areas people focus on when turning a midlife crisis into an awakening include career, finances, marriage, and work-life balance. They decide what is most important to them and then set positive changes in motion.

Everyone’s situations during this phase in life are their own unique experiences and should be dealt with as best as each individual sees fit. However, being educated on the life phase between the ages of 40 to 60 helps to prepare for the future of things and can be inspiration to kick start goals. If you are or anyone you know is experiencing prolonged emotional or mental health during this life phase, seek advice from a physician for solutions to feeling better. Living life to its fullest is not always easy, but it’s worth it to try, where we can.